Una fábula muy ardiente: El dragón con el trasero flameante.


Un dragón ha perdido su fuego y Sir Wayne intenta ayudarlo con un plan de alimentación épico que incluye lava, una zarza ardiente, fuegos artificiales y queso mohoso. Un libro ilustrado divertido y caótico con un final explosivo. Perfecto para fans de la serie «The Dinosaur That Pooped».

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The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom (A Very Fiery Fairy Tale) is an excellent book for children, filled with hilarious moments and a great story. The book, written by Beach and published by Simon & Schuster Childrens Books, is about a dragon who has lost his flame and is struggling to find it.

The character of Sir Wayne is perfectly portrayed, as he comes up with an epic meal plan and a range of ideas to help his dragon find his flame. The illustrations are fantastic, perfectly capturing the humor and the action that takes place throughout the story.

The book is perfect for children aged 3 and above, and teaches valuable lessons about perseverance, problem-solving, and teamwork. It also encourages children to read, as the story is engaging and entertaining from start to finish.

Overall, The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom is a must-read for any child who loves a good story. With its humor, engaging plot, and charming illustrations, it is sure to delight young readers and inspire a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

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